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4/30 FRI and 5/1 SAT - Vaccination clinic in Brightwood, must register in advance.

Forwarding this from Emory Fellowship at 6100 Georgia Ave NW.

We are so pleased to announce that Emory will serve as a COVID-19 vaccination site! This is being done in partnership with Five Medicine, which has helped many other faith-based organizations provide vaccinations in their community. All of the details that you need to know are below. It is *very important* that you register promptly to secure your spot. The vaccines are open to all DC residents age 18 and over, but we want you to be first in line!

Date: Friday, April 30th & Saturday, May 1st @ 10am to 4pm

Location: Outside the Emory Church Garage on Quackenbos Street

Who is Eligible: DC residents age 18 and over (disregard statements to the contrary)

Vaccine Type: Moderna (this is a two-dose vaccine; your second dose will be scheduled after your first dose)

How to Sign Up: You must register in advance using the link below, or call the church office for assistance.


Go to www.fivemedicine.com

Select "Book An Online Appointment"

Scroll down to find "Emory United Methodist Church Vaccine Clinic" and click "Book Now" (please disregard the eligibility statements that appear; if you are a DC resident age 18 or over, you may register)

Choose a date and time

Fill out the online form with demographic information

Submit form

For those without internet access or otherwise require assistance with registering, please call the Emory church office at 202.723.3130. We recommend that you have an email address ready to provide before calling (yours or a family member's). Health information given to the church office will be kept confidential.

For a replay of our vaccine webinar, go to: www.emoryfellowship.org/vaccinewebinar

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