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A message regarding illegal fireworks

A message from Captain Connors regarding reporting the use of illegal fireworks. I still recommend, to the extent to do so safely, having a conversation with your neighbors regarding their use of fireworks, before calling MPD.

"This is definitely a common concern this time of year. We actually partner with Fire and EMS to seize illegal fireworks and every year we seize large volumes of illegal fireworks that are turned over to the fire department. It is very tough situation due to the volume of illegal fireworks that we’re dealing with. We will continue doing our part to seize illegal fireworks in the district, but obviously we can’t get them all. If the residents see someone utilizing illegal fireworks, they can continue to call 911, and we will do our best to respond and take action. This time of year our call volume, in particular for illegal fireworks, dramatically increases. Typically, when we arrive on scene the subjects have already stopped lighting them and there is little we can do. That is why we have units who try to spot them in possession of the illegal fireworks, prior to setting them off."

Additional information regarding illegal fireworks can be found at the following link:

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