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  • Tiffani Johnson

A Teachable Moment about Auto Thefts

I received a call from Captain Jessup from 4th District today as I noticed another car theft which occurred along Kennedy Street.

He advised that within the SMD they have seen a rise in auto thefts between 4pm-11pm. During those hours, there appears to be someone driving around and smashing and grabbing items from the street side of the car. As you know, we have seen a number of cars speeding throughout the community and I can't help but hypothesize if the two issues are connected.

MPD will be reviewing the data from the various incidents and coming back through the community to do further investigation. In the interim, for those who have cameras, please check them frequently to determine if they captured any useful information. They will also provide additional patrols in the area.

I am once again providing the Protecting Your Vehicle pamphlet provided by MPD.

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