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About Friday night....ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting Rundown

While our government witnesses were not available due to the change in date, we still had a robust conversation nonetheless. And I have myriad action steps to work on in the coming weeks ahead of our November 1, 2021 single member district meeting.

As soon as possible I will post the video link for yesterday's meeting.

For now here are the issues discussed:

  1. Requesting delivery of bags for leaf collection from DPW

  2. Re-pavement of the alley behind the 5700-5800 blocks of 3rd Place NW with permeable surface

  3. Rats in the alleys

  4. Trash/Recycling cans without lids

  5. Increased MPD patrols with the SMD to deter crimes of opportunity

  6. Replacement of signage at Capital City Public Charter School

  7. Investigation/improvements along Kennedy Street to make it safer to traverse the area

I will keep everyone updated as I get answers from the various government agencies.

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Tiffani Johnson
Tiffani Johnson
21. Okt. 2021

In response to the crime data reported, I received the following response from Captain Terry:

"I’m not sure that looking at last year vs this year that is a fair comparison given what a historic year it was with the pandemic shutdown. I also don’t see a drastic increase in crimes in the area, though my search parameters might not be set exactly the way yours are. For instance, Manor Park has had no burglaries over the last 30 days.

Motor Vehicle Thefts have been up across the city, but that is largely due to the number of drivers who are leaving their vehicles running while away from them. That is an easily preventable crime of opportunity.

While I don’t…

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