• Tiffani Johnson

About Friday night....ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting Rundown

While our government witnesses were not available due to the change in date, we still had a robust conversation nonetheless. And I have myriad action steps to work on in the coming weeks ahead of our November 1, 2021 single member district meeting.

As soon as possible I will post the video link for yesterday's meeting.

For now here are the issues discussed:

  1. Requesting delivery of bags for leaf collection from DPW

  2. Re-pavement of the alley behind the 5700-5800 blocks of 3rd Place NW with permeable surface

  3. Rats in the alleys

  4. Trash/Recycling cans without lids

  5. Increased MPD patrols with the SMD to deter crimes of opportunity

  6. Replacement of signage at Capital City Public Charter School

  7. Investigation/improvements along Kennedy Street to make it safer to traverse the area

I will keep everyone updated as I get answers from the various government agencies.

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