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Additional information re Leaf Collection

Dear Commissioners,

Vacuum leaf collection has started and will continue through January 30, 2021. Remember, paper bags are no longer required.

While the timely collection of leaves is a priority, so is the health and safety of our crews. We have a strict social distancing policy; therefore, we can’t use as many leaf blower crew members simultaneously as we’ve done in previous years. Additionally, the couple days of rain at the start of the program caused a delay as well. Our crews will be collecting this weekend and the day after the Thanksgiving holiday to help get back on track.

Here are a few tips to help prepare for vacuum leaf collection:

· Move vehicles from curb lanes to help ease the leaf vacuum collection process;

· Rake leaves to the curbside or tree box at the front of the residence the Sunday before the scheduled leaf collection date;

· Remove all cans, bottles, sticks, toys and debris from your piles of leaves. These items can damage equipment and prevent safe and proper collection;

· Download MyDPW app to receive customized alerts about leaf collection in your neighborhood; and

· Call 311 (202-737-4404) or visit to open a “Leaf Season Collection” service request, but please wait until the last day of the designated collection in your neighborhood.

Thank you for your patience.

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