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ANC 4B Community Safety and Support Commitee

Good morning all,

I am still on the lookout for additional members to join the ANC 4B Community Safety and Support Committee. ANC 4B adopted my resolution establishing this Committee on Match 22, 2021. The committee has met a few times, but we need more members, a total of five (5), not including myself, in order to officially be constituted as a functioning Committee.

So, while I am so grateful for the two constituents who have reached out to me and are on board (one still officially needs to be confirmed by the fully body of the ANC), we still need at least 3 more who will also need to be confirmed by the full body of the ANC.

We are looking for individuals who live within the boundaries of ANC 4B, but also have an interest or background in holistic approaches to public safety. But our committee will also be focusing on the systemic issues related to public safety such as the need for quality social services (addition/recovery, employment/employment readiness/job training, mental health).

The committee will also review and make recommendations regarding proposed police reforms, audits, etc.

The full resolution is attached to this email. If interested, please reach out to me at

Thank you.

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