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ANC 4B06 Commissioner Quoted re Request for Office of Unified Communications Audit

"Tiffani Nichole Johnson, another Ward 4 ANC commissioner who introduced one of the resolutions, says after seeing the news about the incident in the Potomac, “it’s very concerning that a year later we’re still seeing these same issues over and over again.”

Johnson, of Ward 4, says an audit would provide helpful information for determining the source of the problems. “Is this a widespread OUC systemic problem? Is this one or two possible individuals that need to be retrained?” she asks. “We don’t have the data to really speculate as to how widespread this is.”

She adds, “We are not trying at all to — to quote my daughter — ‘put anyone on blast,’ ” emphasizing that she and her colleagues are ready and willing to work with OUC and other city agencies to address the issues."

Than you DCist​ for a wonderfully thorough article discussing ANC 4B's concerns with the Office of Unified Communications​. I hope our efforts and the continued reporting by​ will compel Mayor Muriel Bowser​ to order a full and pubic audit.

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