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ANC 4B06 Single Member District Meeting - January 4, 2021 @7pm

Monthly Community Mtg for ANC 4B06 (Manor Park DC) This is a virtual meeting intended to share community concerns, discuss neighborhood issues, and speak with stakeholder representatives. Tiffani Johnson, ANC Commissioner for ANC 4B06 (Manor Park DC), hosts this meeting on the First Monday of each month. ANC 4B meets as a full Commission on the Fourth Monday of each month. More Info - Zoom Link to Join -

Meeting ID - 868 7450 1344 Passcode - 279831 Call-in - 301-715-8592

*On the phone, STAR-6 to unmute yourself, STAR-9 to raise your hand.*

Link to Watch Live, but not participate, for Jan 2021 -

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