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ANC 4B06 Updates

For those who were not able to make the October 2, 2023 single member district meeting, the link to the meeting is below:

The District Department of Transportation Urban Forester presented its role in protecting our tree canopy and also discussed the myriad work orders within ANC 4B06. There has been a marked delay in the routine tree maintenance due to contract issues. Typically tree work is to be completed in 180 days. You may have noticed tree pruning signage within the area and that will continue. However, if you notice tree limbs hanging over wires, diseased trees, etc., you are encouraged to enter a request via 311. You can also use my constituent consultation form on my website and I can enter the request on your behalf. There were several trees discussed during this meeting that are now in the queue to be addressed by Urban Forester in the next few months.

We also discussed where DDOT's jurisdiction begins and ends regarding trees. Typically, trees on public property fall under DDOT for tree pruning, etc. Trees on private property are the property owner's responsibility to maintain. In limited circumstances, where a tree limb may interfere with wires, DDOT will cut that limb, leaving the remainder of the tree as the resident's responsibility. You will need to obtain a permit to remove a tree on your property. If you are a property owner and need assistance, there is a program sponsored by DDOT that can help.

We also discussed a vacant and blighted property at 205 Oglethorpe Street NW. The property has been listed as both vacant and blighted as of April 4, 2017. The property had been in litigation for several years, but despite that, she recently paid the %15,748.00 tax bill on September 12, 2023, via check. The home has been boarded up to prevent squatters, but it is still an eyesore in the community. I have spoken with Councilmember Lewis George and I am working with her office and the Department of Buildings to schedule a special single-member district meeting to discuss this topic. Once scheduled, I will send out a calendar invite.

During last week's Walk in the Park with the National Park Service and Rock Creek Conservancy we discussed the FY 2024 planned amenities for Fort Slocum Park:

1. Wheelchair-accessible path

2. Wheelchair-accessible bathroom

3. Water fountain

I also asked about the possibility of an additional doggy bag station on the 3rd Street side of the park. The Rock Creek Conservancy and National Park Service do have additional stations and one could easily be placed near one of the two trash cans on that side of the park (Madison Street or Oglethorpe St) if there is a volunteer to restock it. As I, along with another Manor Park resident, already restock the station on Kansas Avenue, I am happy to continue to do so. I will follow up with both entities on the next steps.

We walked down to the Fort Circle Parks along Madison Street, which are a part of the National Park Service Civil War Defense of Washington. I have long since heard thoughts of activating these smaller parks with some type of play structure. I will continue to advocate for this addition to the park and anxiously await the amenities at Fort Slocum.

In the past week, concerns were raised with regard to the alley work in the 5800 block of 4th Street NW regarding the three different types of material utilized, i.e., permeable bricks, concrete, and asphalt. Clearly, this isn't what was anticipated when the notification was made regarding the project. I reached out to DC Water and DDOT and this is their response:

"...T[]his is a DC Water project and they went through the proper permitting process with DDOT. It's confirmed that the permit holder (DC Water) is required to restore the area with “in-kind” material, which is asphalt.

Even though DDOT's current standard material for our alley restoration project is concrete, that standard applies to DDOT alley projects only. For this reason, we are not able to require this same standard to the permit holder (DC Water), unless previously discussed or agreed upon with a specific documentation.

I understand that the residents are asking for concrete. However, DDOT does not have an immediate plan to restore this alley with concrete until this alley is included in the future restoration plan. I hope you can understand".

I am awaiting a response from DDOT regarding the scheduled alley work in the 5800 block of 5th Street NW and will post it as soon as it is received.

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