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Ballot Boxes

Did you know that there are drop boxes where you can drop off your ballot ahead of the November 3rd election? Well you can!!! If you need assistance in dropping off your sealed and signed ballot, I am happy to help you. Please contact me at 202.271.3710 or

Mail Ballot Drop Box Locations

You may drop off your voted mail ballot in ANY Ballot Drop Box at ANY time, before 8:00 pm on Election Day, November 3, 2020.


Takoma Metro

327 Cedar Street, NW

Petworth Library

4200 Kansas Avenue, NW

Shepherd Park (Juanita E. Thornton) Library

7420 Georgia Avenue, NW

Fourth District Police Station

6001 Georgia Avenue, NW

Lamond Recreation Center

20 Tuckerman Street, NE

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Tiffani Johnson
Tiffani Johnson
Aug 24, 2020
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