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Budget Forum

Good morning Ward 4 Commissioners and Community Group Leaders,

I want to invite you and your constituents to participate in our Ward 4 Community Budget Forum this Saturday, February 12 starting at 3:30pm. This is an opportunity to share your budget priorities with me, my team, and your Ward 4 neighbors. Each of you knows your neighborhood incredibly well, and I deeply value your input. Last year we worked together to turn several of the ideas you shared at our budget forum into reality by securing funding for them in the DC budget.

Everyone who wants to weigh in will have up to 3 minutes to speak, and we will accommodate folks who arrive later on in the meeting in case they have a conflict during the first half.

Link to register:

We have also shared the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our weekly newsletter. Please also see the flyer below.

Thank you,


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