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Carjacking Prevention Information from MPD

Hello Fourth District Family,

The holiday season is here and we have to remain vigilant especially while driving, shopping, and refueling.

The one crime, in particular, that comes to mind is Carjacking.

I have attached a few tips that I hope will help you avoid becoming the victim of a carjacking and what you should do if you are the unfortunate victim of one.

Happy Holidays and please stay safe:

1. Avoidance

The most likely places for a carjacking are:

1. High-crime areas

2. Lesser traveled roads (rural areas)

3. Intersections where you must stop

4. Isolated areas in parking lots

5. Residential driveways and gates

6. Gas Stations

· Learn to avoid these areas at night when possible, and when in traffic, LOCK YOUR DOORS; look around for possible avenues of escape.

· Always be sure to keep a healthy amount of distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, as it allows you to maneuver out of danger when the person ahead of you suddenly stops.

· A good rule of thumb is always being able to see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you.

· As for when stopped, use your mirrors and surround cameras to remain self-aware, and put down the cell phone, because nothing says “distracted” quite like someone Snapchatting at a red light.

2. If you become a victim try to “play it cool”

In most carjacking situations, the attackers are only interested in your vehicle and wallet, so try to stay calm until the perpetrators leave. Also, be sure not to stare at the attacker(s), as this means you are looking to ID them, giving them all the more reason to hurt you.

· Give up the vehicle freely (PROPERTY IS NOT WORTH BEING HURT OR WORSE)

· Follow the attacker’s directions

· Make no quick or sudden movements that the attacker could construe as a counter attack

· Always keep your hands in plain view and tell the attacker of every move you’ll make in advance

· Make the attacker aware if children are present

Always consider:

· The mental state of the attacker

· Possible avenues of escape

· The number of assailants (there’s typically more than one)

· Weapons (carjacking situations don’t always involve guns, just be sure to watch for signs of a holstered firearm)

3. When reporting the crime:


· Describe the event paying close attention to who, what, when where, and how

· Describe the attacker(s) as best you can (try to recall height, weight, scars, tattoos, hair and eye color, facial hair, build, and complexion)

· Describe the attacker’s vehicle, license plate number, color, make, model, and year, as well as any marks like scratches, dents, damage, or personalization.

Mr. Derek Staten

Fourth District Metropolitan Police Department

Community Outreach Coordinator

Office: (202) 715-7418

Cell: (202) 270-1640

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