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Closure of Kennedy Street CVS

Good evening to the residents of ANC 4B06. I have been made aware of the closing of the Kennedy Street CVS. Like you, I am saddened to see this business close as it was extremely convenient and accessible, especially to our senior and disabled populations.

In speaking with Commissioner Alison Brooks, she advised that the target date for closure is July 24th. Accorsing to the CVS District Leader "[a]ll prescriptions will be transferred to the CVS Pharmacy at 6514 Georgia Avenue NW – about a mile and a half away." That location is accessible by bus and does have a parking lot with 2 designated disabled parking spots, as well as a drive thru for the pharmacy. In addition, CVS also offers "...prescription home delivery service to eligible patients through and the CVS Pharmacy app to provide additional convenient access to medications."

I will say that this comes as a surprise to both Commissioner Brooks and myself as we had just spoken with the manager of the store and the District Leader only a few weeks ago regarding ways to ameliorate the dumping that has been occurring on the property. During that meeting there was no mention of the possibility of the store closing. In fact, we discussed adding a community mural to the building!!! As more information is received it will be disseminated to the community.

I would ask that we not speculate as to the rationale for the closure. They are a large corporation that must take into account myraid factors when deciding to close a store. I would ask that we use this time to ensure our neighbors who may need assistance are supported in transferring their prescriptions to a pharmacy of their choice or electing to have them delivered. Thank you.

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