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Community Safety & Support Committee.

Good morning all,

I am the chair of the Community Safety and Support Committee (Committee) for ANC 4B. I am also the ANC Commissioner (Commissioner) for ANC 4B06. The Committee had their first meeting earlier this month.

During that meeting the Committee members and other constituents made reference to my drafting a resolution re quality of life crimes such as noise pollution. Which I agreed I would happily do. However, in drafting the resolution I realized we missed a large part of the conversation, alternatives to policing.

As the daughter of a police officer, and in today's current climate, I think this is an important part of the conversation which we couldn't discuss in detail during an hour long meeting. Thus, during the ANC 4B planning meeting, I advised the commission I would pull the resolution pending further conversation among the Committee and my constituents during the next Committee meeting and my Single Member District (SMD) meeting.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding this decision, which was mine completely, please reach out to me at or 202.271.3710.

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