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Concealed Pistol License Review Board

I'm writing b/c the DC Council recently passed emergency leg authorizing the Board to appoint 4 new members, all of whom must reside in DC, and 2 of whom must have exp in Gun Violence Prevention (interpreted loosely), 1 in victims services/advocacy and 1 in law.

Do you know anyone? It's unpaid (at this time), solely online, and average about 4 hours a week tops, to include bimonthly online meetings to review cases. It's a GREAT group of folks including a retired AUSA, Chief of Capitol Police, and ATF agent, OAG attorney, mental health physicians and practitioners - spread the word via any networks you may have.

"The recently expanded Concealed Pistol Licensing Review Board is seeking four new Board members who are D.C. residents with professional experience in the field of gun violence prevention; victims services or advocacy; or, criminal, civil or administrative law. This member, appointed by the Mayor, will serve on the 11-person Board with other professionals in the above-mentioned fields and in law enforcement. Members meet online approximately twice a month to review appeals of persons challenging denials of applications for concealed pistol licenses (CPLs) and suspensions and revocations of CPLS issued by the Chief of Police. If interested, please send an email to at the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointment with a resume and cover letter detailing qualifications for the position. "

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