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Councilmember Lewis George Update on Today's Vaccination Rollout

Hi everyone, our office is aware that the online vaccine portal and phone system was not allowing many eligible residents with qualifying medical conditions to sign up for appointments. All appointments for today have been claimed, and DC Health is working to fix this issue for future sign-ups. We will keep you updated. If you filled out the questionnaire and got a 'thank you' message but not a confirmation code or date/location for an appointment, then you did not get an appointment and will have to register another time. We're really sorry that this happened and are deeply frustrated by it because we know folks have been anxiously waiting for these appointments. We cautioned about potential system failures yesterday knowing that it was possible this could happen. This is why Councilmember Lewis George and others have been advocating for an improved waitlist-like registration system that can alleviate the stress and technical failures of the current process. We were told yesterday that this new system will be ready by the second week of March. Know that you weren't alone in feeling upset today. We heard from hundreds of constituents in the same position and will be following up with DC Health about these failures. If it helps to hear, it will become much easier to secure a vaccine appointment each week with our vaccine supply increasing and health providers (hospitals and clinics) joining the effort to vaccinate those with qualifying medical conditions. Seniors were in the same position earlier this year, and now any seniors who reaches out to us is able to make an appointment. Apologies again, but know that we're here to help. Our constituent services line is 202-724-8052 if we can provide assistance. Sorry if I haven't had the chance to respond to your individual message yet, but I wanted to share this update in the meantime.


Alex Taliadoros

Communications Director

Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese Lewis George

C: 603-721-6795 | W: 202-286-5268

Constituent Services: 202-724-8052

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