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DC Council Tentative Schedule for Performance and Budget Hearings (From the Shepherd Park Listserve)


This is your opportunity to let your grievances and praise freely flow from your mind and your mouth to your pen!

If you've perused the listserv over the past year, you'll know that there are plenty of grievances and praise to hand out at this year's performance oversight hearings. Don't believe me?

Well, ...look no further than this weekend's listserv onslaught of issues with DC Health's vaccination roll out and IT problems. All of which was really great content to use for your testimony for the DC Department of Health oversight hearing.

Then, you can open a new document on your computer and draft another document for the upcoming budget hearings so that you can recommend that DC Department of Health uses either a Signup Genius , a draft lottery system using the last five digits of your DC ID or Metrocard, or get this...actually invest in an IT system that can handle the capacity for a roll out to the other priority groups and a possible round 2 of vaccinations form priority groups 1a and 1b!!! What a novel idea!!! While my comments regarding the Signup Genius and draft lottery could possibly save thousands in taxpayer dollars (you are welcome), it was meant to be a sarcastic comment...but you get the point. Our government needs to hear from us and we can't expect changes when we complain on the listserv. We need to show up and let our voices be heard!

Based of off a quick glance through the listserv and emails in my inbox, neighbors/businesses/houses of worship raised concerns/had praise regarding ABC Board issues, ANC fiscal issues, behavioral health services, DC Public Library, DPR, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, DDOT, Department of Employment Services, MPD, Department of General Services, DC Public School, Deputy Mayor of Public Safety and Justice, DC Auditor, Housing Production Trust Fund, WMATA, Fire and EMS, Office of Unified Communications, Office of Planning, and DCRA, to name a few (whew!!!!) There's no lack of opinions in our community!!

The Council is considering this year’s schedule for Performance Oversight & Budget hearings and the drafts of those documents, subject/likely to change are as follows:

Performance Oversight

Happy writing!

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