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DC Health Launches Portal for Residents to Access COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Monday, May 3, 2021

(Washington, DC) – Today, DC Health announced the launch of DC MyIR, a web-based portal that gives District residents secure, easy, and free access to their official COVID-19 vaccination records. The portal, found at, allows users to view and print official copies of their vaccination records, and their dependents’ records, at any time.

Developed through a partnership between DC Health with support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DC MyIR provides residents the opportunity to access digital immunization records contained in CDC’s Immunization Gateway (IZ Gateway).

Using a simple registration process, DC MyIR allows users to create and activate an account and utilizes a 2-step verification process to match the registration information to locate an exact match in the immunization registry. Users can also add dependents under the age of 18 to their DC MyIR account. Once a registered account is verified, vaccination records will available for users to view and print on demand. The certified vaccination records provided by the portal will be accepted by places that require proof of immunization.

Residents may not able to access their COVID-19 vaccination records through MyIR’s matching process due to one of the following reasons:

Their information (e.g. name, date of birth, phone number and/or address) may be different or is not up to date in MyIR’s system (old information, incorrect spelling, or if their name has changed).

The person opted out of MyIR when they received their COVID-19 vaccination and chose not to share their records.

For those who experience problems accessing their COVID-19 vaccination records in MyIR, they should check with your their vaccine provider to ensure their information is correct and to update their records. District residents who received their COVID-19 vaccination in a different jurisdiction may experience a delay in seeing their COVID-19 vaccination record within MyIR. Currently, there is no date as to when out of jurisdiction COVID-19 vaccination records will be available.

While DC Health is immediately focused on ensuring that District residents have their COVID-19 vaccination records available at their disposable, the agency hopes to expand the portal’s use to make full immunization records and other health-related information available for residents and families without needing to contact their health provider.

DC MyIR is HIPPA-compliant and records are only available to authorized users. For more information, visit

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