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DC Office of the Tenant Advocate - Eviction Prevention Assistance For Your Residents

Dear Commissioners,

As we approach a full year of living under the Public Health Emergency, the DC Office of the Tenant Advocate would like to remind you of the services we offer to the District’s tenant community.

We are a resource for all District of Columbia tenants who

  • are at risk of eviction

  • need legal advice

  • require emergency housing assistance

  • or would like to be better informed about their rights as tenants

We encourage you to remind the residents in your Single Member Districts at your next meeting or in your next newsletter about the OTA and how to get in touch with us if they need our assistance. You or your residents can get in touch with us at or by calling 202-719-6560.

Thank you kindly,

Education & Outreach Branch

Cristobal Puig

Program Coordinator

DC Office of the Tenant Advocate

Nicole McEntee

Program Analyst

DC Office of the Tenant Advocate

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