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DC PLUG Feeder 15009 Three-Week Look Ahead

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and PEPCO have begun construction of the DC PLUG Feeder 15009 project in your neighborhood.

This project was designed to increase the resiliency and reliability of the existing electrical system, achieved by installing an underground manhole and conduit system for PEPCO to upgrade and underground the existing high-voltage overhead wires.

Roadway restoration will occur after the civil construction activities and certification of the conduits are completed.

For your awareness, below is a link to the DC PLUG website where you will find the Feeder 15009 Three Week Look Ahead, a schedule updated weekly indicating the resources and activities the project contractor plans to undertake over the next weeks.

Please know that at Pepco safety is a priority, as crews perform this work. The importance of delivering reliable electric service to customers is more important than ever as more and more of our country’s workforce is working from home.

Pepco employees/ contractors performing this vital work have been issued specific guidance to keep everyone safe and healthy - employees and customers alike.

We ask customers to remain clear of worksites for their safety.

Your patience is appreciated during the completion of this necessary work to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable energy.

For more information about the project please visit Feel free to email any questions to Or give us a call on our DC PLUG hotline at 844-758-4146. We look forward to hearing from you.

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