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DC Register Updates

A couple of items I saw in this week's DC register:

The Self-Defense Spray Sale and Transfer Clarification Emergency Amendment Act of 2023 is in effect for 90 days as emergency legislation. The act states..." a person may transfer, offer for sale,

sell, give, or deliver a self-defense spray to another person in the District for the purposes set

forth in section 213; provided, that the self-defense spray is propelled from an aerosol container,

labeled with or accompanied by clearly written instructions as to its use, and dated to indicate its

anticipated useful life".

Also, there is a hearing on school Safety to discuss:

Bill 25-234, “School Safety Enhancement Amendment Act of 2023, and Bill 25-420, “Conflict Resolution Education Amendment Act of 2023 on

Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 10:30 a.m.

The stated purpose of Bill 25-234 is to require OSSE to create guidelines that would be used to review and enhance District school safety plans, establish a school safety team at every school in the District, and to establish procedures for school safety teams to coordinate with MPD. The bill would also require the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice and the Deputy Mayor for Education to create a system for emergency response agencies to share critical information about ongoing safety incidents with schools and child development centers. The stated purpose of Bill 25-420 is to require OSSE to develop a model curriculum to develop students’ conflict resolution skills in accordance with the health education standards and to require LEAs to adopt the model curriculum or an alternative conflict resolution education program. Overall, the issue of school safety is particularly salient in the District and the Committee wants to hear from students, parents, community members, and advocates about ways to ensure the safety of all students in the District’s public schools.

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