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DC Water Update


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Director of Community Affairs: Emanuel D. Briggs

Greetings DC Water Community Stakeholders:

As you may recall from the notification that we’d emailed you on November 11 (below), our upcoming Small Diameter Water Main Replacement Project in the Manor Park Neighborhood is set to start this month. I have re-attached our project information sheet to this update to re-familiarize you with the project. The primary purpose for this new update is to inform you that we will officially start our construction activities in the area next week! Please see below a list of our activities:

Week of November 21

There are no construction activities scheduled for this week.

Week of November 28

  • Thursday, December 1 – Friday, December 2

  • Prior to the start of construction activities, we will need to mobilize (set up) the project area. This includes installation of “Emergency No-Parking" signs and also installation of compliance/permits display boards along streets throughout the project area. We will begin these mobilization activities near the end of next week

In light of the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, there are no construction activities scheduled for Thursday, November 24 – Friday, November 25.

Please keep in mind that these construction activities are highly dependent upon favorable weather conditions.

Thanks much, please stay tuned for future updates, and we at DC Water wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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