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DDOT Closure of Traffic Safety Investigation - 300 OGLETHORPE STREET NW

"To determine if speeding cars in the 300 Block of Oglethorpe Street NW correlates to drivers attempting to avoid light(s) on Missouri Avenue NW, or if the traffic on Oglethorpe Street NW can be characterized as cut-through traffic that would otherwise use Missouri Avenue NW, would require a larger study that is beyond the scope of a Traffic Safety Investigation. A review of the 300 Block of Oglethorpe Street NW shows there are SPEED LIMIT 20 signs posted in both directions making drivers aware of the applicable speed limit.

Currently, DDOT recommends no further action. If you continue to have an ongoing safety concern, please feel free to enter a new request through DC311 and provide a description of the specific issue and the pertinent block. This request is being closed".

In terms of next steps, how would you like me to proceed?

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