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DDOT Now Accepting Pop-up Park Applications for Park(ing) Day 2021, Scheduled for September 17

(Washington, DC)—Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced Park(ing) Day 2021 will be held on Friday, September 17, 2021. DDOT is accepting applications from residents, businesses, and community organizations to convert on-street parking spaces into pop-up parks as part of the Bowser Administration’s work to reimagine how public spaces are used across all eight wards.

“We are extremely excited to bring back this fun, interactive event for all District residents and visitors to enjoy,” said Acting DDOT Director Everett Lott. “Even before streateries and Open Streets, Mayor Bowser championed reimagining public spaces every year we celebrated Park(ing) Day and transformed parking spaces into opportunities to showcase the best of DC.”

Park(ing) Day allows residents, businesses, and community organizations to apply for a public space permit to convert on-street parking spaces into pop-up parklets. Starting as a form of protest in San Francisco in 2005, the now international event helps cities reimagine public spaces for people rather than vehicle parking. Since 2013, DDOT has permitted more than 200 pop-up parklets for Park(ing) Day. Participants have hosted fitness classes and community meetings, created art, showcased upcoming projects and programs, expanded seating areas, and changed how DC streets are used.

The Park(ing) Day 2021 application fee is $55; however, all meter fees are waived for this year’s event. Applications will be accepted until August 27, 2021. For more information about the District’s 2021 Park(ing) Day, event guidelines, and the permitting process, please visit

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