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DDOT Resolution and Updates

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Good afternoon, I had a great conversation with Sayra Molina from DDOT yesterday afternoon regarding our myraid traffic study requests. DDOT is in receipt of both my resolution and letter requesting their movement on these safety issues and the entire ANC 4B Commission is speaking with DDOT regularly to further move this process forward. Currently, due to COVID-19 our traffic assessments are on hold as they do not have the ability to collect data. According to Ms. Molina, they use interns from Howard University and since they are engaging in distance learning that workforce is not available. But fear not...I am going to remain steadfast in working with DDOT to move forward with the data collection using current DC Government staff. We cannot belabor these serious safety concerns any longer. We need prompt action from the City to ensure the safety of everyone who traverses our community, especially as we head into a fall semester of distance learning and teleworking. If you see any additional safety measures not currently discussed previously, please let me know, and I can assist in completing a traffic safety request and additional resolution.

4B06 DDOT Resolution - Revised[2]
Download DOCX • 20KB

ANC 4B traffic safety resolution - final draft2019-12-04 DID[334]
Download PDF • 345KB

Manor park Traffic Safety Assessment PowerPoint 1.13.20
Download PDF • 1.20MB

Safety and TSA map ANC4B 7.6.20
Download PDF • 197KB

Sayra Molina Response 4.10.20 re SMD 4B06 Traffic Study Requests
Download DOCX • 20KB

ANC 4B and ANC 4B06 is avidly working with DDOT to move these traffic studies and the proposed recommendations into completion. While the process has been slowed due to COVID-19 we are using this time to speak directly with DDOT regarding how we can move their processes forward to ensure the safety of our communities and its residents.

I will continue updating this thread after each meeting with DDOT and upload any additional documents moving forward for public review.

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