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Delayed Leaf Collection Delays

Hello ANC Commissioner,

You are receiving this notice because leaves in your area were not collected as scheduled. The leaf collection schedule may be disrupted by weather events, personnel changes, or other unforeseen circumstances. Currently, we are approximately 10 days behind schedule.

DPW has implemented additional personnel and extended tours of duty in an effort to have the first pass of leaves collected in all eight wards by the scheduled completion date of December 19, 2021. Leaves are collected twice per season.

Leaf season is scheduled to conclude on January 15, 2022. The second pass of leaf collection will begin on or around December 20, 2021. Our team will continue to collect leaves until all DPW serviced households have received their second pass at leaf collection. If the second pass at leaf collection in your area is not collected within 14 days past your scheduled collection date, please call 311 to schedule a missed leaf collection.

Thank you for your patience and attention to this message.

The Department of Public Works

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