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Do you have a free library or free pantry? Do you reside within the boundaries of ANC 4B06? Then C

I would like to collect the general locations of all free libraries and pantries within single-member district 4B06 so I, and others, can make donations, e.g., library and pantry in the 5800 block of 3rd Place NW.

Please enter your information at:

Use the "Other" field to enter the following information:

1. Full name

2. Address of library/pantry

3. How/when to make a donation

4. Any restrictions on donations, e.g., children's books or gluten-free only

5. Any additional relevant information

Please enter your submission by February 28, 2023.

The final address list/map will be disseminated by request in March 2023.

Thank you in advance.

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