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End of the Day Vaccine List is Open to ERCV area seniors -- you could get your 1st shot this week

Greetings Tiffani Nichole Johnson

Because of the generosity of Dupont Circle Village, East Rock Creek Village can submit names of our members for an end-of-the-day vaccine list. If you join the list you may get an afternoon call any day of the week that a vaccine dose is available at a Medstar site at 1133 20th St NW (between L and M) or at the Giant Pharmacy at 7th and O NW. You will then have 45 minutes to get downtown to receive your vaccine shot. Both these sites have parking garages. These vaccines are the unused doses in vials of vaccine which must be used that day or discarded. It is hard to predict when vaccines will be available to the list, but Dupont Circle Village got 40 members their first shots. Those who go for a first shot from the list will get an appointment for their 2nd shot.

This list is for DC residents 65 years or older. If you not a member of ERCV but live in our service area which is the northern part of Ward 4 east of Rock Creek Park, we can quickly enroll you. Membership is free during the pandemic. To join the list or get more information, email us at (or just reply to this message) or phone 202-656-7322 any day between 8am and 8pm.

The end of the day list is just one way the ERCV can assist you in getting the coronavirus vaccine. See the next paragraph for others --

East Rock Creek Village has organized a group of vetted volunteers to assist seniors in Ward 4 get vaccinated against the Corona virus. Our services can be obtained by emailing ERCV at or calling 202-656-7322 any day between 8am and 8pm. Our services include: Going online to schedule a vaccine appointment for you through DCHealth, online scheduling of 2nd shot appointments for those whose first shot was at a Safeway pharmacy or Senior Wellness Center (Hattie Holmes, Model Cities or Washington), free rides to vaccination appointments, printing of confirmation emails or other forms and delivering to you, and lots of support and encouragement. We will be issuing vaccine updates as new information is available.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe,

Susan Davis

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