• Tiffani Johnson

Fort Slocum Park Needs Our Help!!!!


Thanks for all of your support of Fort Slocum! I wanted to let you know that our fabulous partners at Landis Design/Build are nearly done the work restoring the picnic shelter, which includes a gorgeous new flagstone floor. I'm copying here Landis's president, Ethan Landis.

However, the flagstone is loose when it goes down. Yesterday evening, someone used the picnic shelter in the evening and managed to move a lot of the stone, which meant it had to be taken out today and reset.

Since the stones will still be loose this evening, can you please spread the word in your neighborhood to stay off of the shelter tonight (and ideally tomorrow) so the stone can set?

I so appreciate everything you do for your community - and we can't wait to celebrate the completion of the shelter's renovation!

Thanks, Jeanne


Jeanne Braha

Executive Director

Rock Creek Conservancy

7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500, Bethesda, MD 20814



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