• Tiffani Johnson

Halloween event 10/29/21 and 10/30/21

Good Morning, Law Enforcement and Community Supporters

MPD’s Strategic Engagement Office will be hosting its’ 1st Annual Safe Haven Halloween Spooky Trail event on Friday October 29th -7:00pm-9pm & October 30th -7:00pm-9pm.

Even with COVID-19 protocols in place, we expect a considerable amount of area residents to attend. We could use you and your team's help with being actors/guides throughout the trail, manning safety & candy distribution stations, and helping Ward 4 residents (especially excited children) with crossing the streets safety around the Emery Recreational Center- located at 5701 Georgia Avenue NW.

Thank you in advance for your support and continued service for our Washington Area Families, Visitors, and especially our Children.

Respectfully submitted

Fayette Vaughn-Lee, Community Outreach

Strategic Engagement Office

Executive Office of the Chief of Police

Metropolitan Police Department

441 4th Street NW Suite 1145 S

Washington, DC 20001

Office: 202-715 7533

Cell: 202-497-0814


Excellence is Transferrable!

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