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Help DDOT make sure Ward 4 voices are heard!

Dear Ward 4 Commissioners,

Over the past 30 days, DDOT has been working with District agencies and partners to help collect the public’s input to update moveDC, DDOT’s long-range transportation plan. DDOT is soliciting the public’s input through a survey that will help them prioritize where and how they spend billions of transportation dollars over the next 25 years.

We value your assistance in helping us engage more Ward 4 District residents, particularly those from low-income households and underserved populations. Your support will help us reach a more diverse socio-economic population, which is important in guiding our work. DDOT has extended the deadline for the public to take the moveDC survey until November 14 to make sure all voices are heard.

Please consider partnering with DDOT and share the survey with your network. Attached you will find a graphic in various sizes that you can share on social media with the following caption:

Do you drive, walk, bike, ride a bus, or take a train in the District? DDOT needs your feedback for moveDC, the District’s long-range multimodal transportation plan, which will set the 25-year vision for the transportation system.

Share your vision for the city’s transportation system by providing comments on moveDC. Check out the interactive network maps and take our an online survey (on a computer or smartphone). You can also learn more and share your ideas by email ( or phone (202-599-7371).

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