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Holiday Safety Advise

Good Afternoon Family,

As the holiday season approaches the focus changes from our typical daily routines to the celebration of the many upcoming holidays. While spending time with family and friends is a top priority, personal safety should always be a consideration. It is with that in mind that the 4th District wished to pass along a few safety and security tips:

1. While fueling your vehicle please ensure that your doors are locked even if you are standing right next to the car as you fuel up. Thieves could strike when you are distracted; even for a moment. If you step away from your car ensure to turn off the car and take your keys/ purses/ cell phones with you.

2. Please ensure that your doors and windows are locked at all times to prevent access to your home by strangers and uninvited persons. Theft only takes a moment.

3. Many of you will be shopping during the holiday season and although it is an exhausting experience so is being stolen from; do not leave valuables or gifts in your vehicle overnight: not even in the trunk.

4. Many of you will be having packages delivered to your homes. Although the convenience of having packages delivered to your homes is a plus, you can also have the packages held at the nearest post office/delivery company site until you pick them up or delivered to the home of a trusted family member, neighbor or trusted retiree.

5. Ensure that you are responsible for your alcohol consumption and assign a designated driver (never drive under the influence) and remember the first step in your personal security plan always involves the person you’re securing: you. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes between alcoholic drinks to determine if you actually should have the next one.

6. Please remember to socially distance and follow Mayor Bower's mandates for small social gatherings.

Jessup, Troy (MPD) (Modified for Covid restrictions by Derek Staten)

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