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Honk for DC Statehood

Community Stakeholders, HONK FOR DC STATEHOOD! Join Statehood supporters on the morning of the virtual Hearing on HR 51 in the House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee. Make sure Congress hears the people of DC when we say WE WANT DC STATEHOOD! WHEN: Monday, March 22 8:30 am - 9:30 am (before the Statehood hearing starts at 11:00 am) WHERE: Locations in all 8 Wards: · Ward 1: Florida and Georgia Ave NW · Ward 2: Dupont Circle - Meet at 20th and P St NW · Ward 3: Connecticut Ave and Veazey Terrace NW · Ward 4: Georgia Ave and Missouri Ave NW · Ward 5: Michigan Ave and N. Capitol St NE · Ward 6:"The Fence" - Meet at East Capitol and 2nd St NE · Ward 7:Minnesota Ave and Pennsylvania Ave SE · Ward 8:Martin Luther King Jr. Ave and Good Hope Rd. SE Wear Red and White if you can. Statehood signs provided. Pom Poms and Homemade "HONK for DC Statehood" signs welcome. Wear a mask, plan to socially distance. Supported by DC Vote, Neighbors United for DC Statehood, DC League of Women Voters, Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association, Students for DC Statehood, the Ward Democratic organizations, many others. At 11:00am, join DC Vote and Statehood Supporters from all over the country at a virtual Hearing Watch Party w/ Special Guests and Commentary.

RSVP here:

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