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How do you track if an absentee ballot was mailed?

Neighbors, The DC Board of Elections also has launched their updated ballot tracking function. To access the tracking function, go to the Board of Elections website at and click the link "Click Below to Track Your Ballot!" You can also go directly to the BallotTrax site for DC voters at Once there, register for the service with some basic information and you can opt into text, email, or telephone updates regarding your mail-in ballot. You will then see the status of your mail-in ballot - outbound, inbound, received, and accepted. I hope this information is helpful.

Erin Palmer, ANC 4B02 Commissioner

Have you made a plan to vote in the November 3 election? The DC Board of Elections will be mailing ballots and postage-prepaid return envelopes to all registered voters at the beginning of October. To vote by mail, fill out your ballot, and seal and sign it as directed. Return by (1) mail (asap, postmarked by November 3rd); (2) any of approximately 50 secure drop boxes throughout DC (by November 3rd, 8 pm); or (3) any open vote center (by November 3rd, 8 pm). You can also vote in person (and same-day register) at any open vote center from October 27th - November 3rd! Find your most convenient drop box or vote center here:

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