• Tiffani Johnson

How to Request a Traffic Safety Assessment

The DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) Roadway Safety Branch requires different documentation, depending on the issue:

A concurrence is for speedhumps, the endorsement is for regular requests (no more than 3 contiguous blocks) and ANC Resolutions are for numerous, more extensive requests .

One way to avoid closures is not to create a Service Requests at all. Ideally, Traffic Safety Assessment Questionnaires should be submitted (with endorsement, etc.) to traffic.safety@dc.gov and DDOT will create/assign a Service Request #. That number will then be referenced in the official acknowledgement that is sent back to the requester.

If a Service Request is created and the follow-up TSA and endorsement, etc., is not submitted after 40 days, it is closed via an automated process.

TSA Questionnaire 02.28.19
Download PDF • 140KB

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