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Important Information from Pepco

Good afternoon,

All I received the below information from Pepco with some helpful handouts. Please share with your networks. I will also place some of each flyer below in my free little library.

Good afternoon ANC 4B Commissioners,

I hope this message finds you well. We have received reports that residents have been solicited door-to-door by third party suppliers in your neighborhood. We encourage residents to make informed decisions if they choose to switch to a third party suppliers.

Before enrolling with another supplier, make sure you compare supplier offers. Start by knowing your “price to compare.” This price is the average, annual price per kilowatthour (kWh) that you pay us for electric supply. Your Pepco bill has your price to compare, and all your supply charges are listed as total “Electric Supply Charges.” We encourage residents NOT to give out personal information to unknown solicitors.

Please contact Pepco customer service at 202-833-7500 if you encounter any door-to-door activity in your area. For more information about third party suppliers, please visit our website below.

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