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Important Message from DPW

When 2 inches of snow are on the ground, Mayor Bowser and Serve DC need your help. Please volunteer to help clear snow from entryways and sidewalks for our seniors and residents with disabilities. Sign up today at

Homeowners may be eligible to be exempt from shoveling your sidewalk of you are at least 65 years old, a District homeowner and live in a single-family home or have 3 or fewer units, or you have a documented disability that prevents you from shoveling snow. Just call 311 to apply for the Sidewalk Shoveling Exemption Program.

Snow season lasts through March, but time is running out to get ready for the “big” one. Click here

see helpful tips from your neighbors. And consider sharing your own tips, too!

Celeste Duffie

Department of Public Works

Community Relations Specialist

O: 202-671-2531

M: 202-438-8277

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