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Inaugural Petworth PorchFest - April 24, 2021

Hi neighbors,

If you're around today, please join us for the inaugural Petworth PorchFest and enjoy live music from nearly 100 artists performing on over 60 neighbors' porches. Thanks to all of the artists and hosts for making this event possible!

This Petworth News piece by Maya Gold and Drew Schneider has all of the information you need to enjoy today's event:

The event is organized by an all-volunteer committee led by Tom Pipkin of Pipkin Creative, Laurie Bailer, Maria Mandle, Clara Haskell Botstein, Paul Johnson, Tolu Igun, Maya Gold, and Kait Hildner. The event is sponsored by Timber Pizza, Ryan DaSilva from Compass Realty, and Rabih Chamas from Greenline Real Estate.


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