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Join Me for a Virtual Meet & Greet with Erin Palmer for DC Council Chairwoman

Dear Neighbor,

This next election in DC is critical, and the challenges we are facing couldn't be more important. We've seen the consequences of not investing in meeting our neighbor’s basic needs, governmental failures, and lack of oversight to make sure our agencies deliver on their programs.

We deserve a Council Chair who will lead with compassion and integrity. That's why I'm supporting Erin Palmer to be DC Council Chairwoman, and I'd like to invite you to come meet Erin and talk about how we can build a prosperous, equitable, safe, and sustainable city for all of our neighbors.

Join me for a virtual meet and greet with Erin on Thursday, February 10, at 6 p.m. Register using this link to receive the meeting information:

Erin is one of the most committed local leaders I know, having worked to pass DC’s paid family leave law and DC’s fair elections program, led efforts to improve and expand local voting access, and demanded action to remove unethical government actors. Erin’s professional experience has been focused on government accountability, and she recently released a DC Council Accountability Plan that showcases her professional background and how she will lead the Council. You can read more about Erin on her website at

I hope you can join us to learn more about Erin’s vision for a brighter DC for all of us.

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