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June ANC 4B06 Update

Good evening all, Yesterday I was out in the community running errands. I was a bit, well no, I was VERY concerned with the amount of litter and dumping I saw, especially in and around Fort Slocum Park. I was very disappointed. I have put up signage in the park reminding everyone to please properly dispose of your litter. This park belongs to everyone and we need to ensure it remains clean and litter free as we know litter brings with it an abundance of rodents. If you see additional areas with increased litter/dumping, please let me know or enter a 311 request for DPW to clean-up. I also received word from a constituent who is concerned about overgrown vegetation. For a number of reasons this is a serious concern, the least of which is that is is unsightly. The overgrown vegetation can be a danger to those walking, biking, riding (in wheelchairs), etc. So I implore you to please, do as the law instructs and maintain regular lawn care. If you are elderly or disabled I can assist you in finding affordable and/or free resources to assist you in maintaining your yard. During last weeks SMD meeting, I discussed that our long-standing DDOT requests for traffic studies appear to be on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HOWEVER, I along with my colleagues on the Commission are not going to stop requesting status updates and reaching out to the Director for ways in which we can move these processes forward, despite the pandemic. Lastly, I want to implore everyone to reach out to their family, friends and neighbors and check on them to make sure they are ok, have what they need, are safe and healthy. We are still in a world-wide pandemic, during a season of necessary protests as well as heat advisories. As always, I am here to help as best I can. I can be reached at 202.271.3710, or via my website, Take care everyone. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

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