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Latest on Coolidge High School Track

I am seeing a lot of traffic on Nextdoor regarding use of Coolidge track, or lack thereof, due to it being locked. Although the track is not within SMD 4B06, I have reached out to our Ward 4 MOCR, KeShawn Harris. Below is his response:

"Prior to the pandemic, Principal Bright agreed to reopen the track to the community and would have the maintenance team unlock and secure it every day. However, due to the pandemic, the District Government is experiencing modified operations so having the track opened and closed regularly presents a challenge. I will reach out to Principal Bright to see if someone is on-site daily at Coolidge to then determine the feasibility of reopening the track to the community. In the interim, I would like to suggest community members try out the running and jogging trails in Rock Creek Park or along the Metropolitan Branch Trail".

I have sent a follow-up email to KeShawn Harris to see if anything has/can be changed.

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