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March 4, 2024, ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting

The next ANC 4B06 SMD meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2024, at 7pm.

Single Member District Meeting

Monday, March 4, 7:00 PM




Virtual Meeting Details:


For video participation via Microsoft Teams on a computer or mobile device, click this link:

Join on your computer, mobile app, or room device


Meeting ID: 234 742 611 668Passcode: 5ZibEz



Dial by phone202.594.9550


Passcode:  5240534#  


1.       Administrative Items: 


a.   Meeting notice:


i.  ANC 4B06 holds virtual monthly SMD meetings on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will be noticed via email, Social Media, Google Group, and the ANC 4B06 website.  


b.  When you are not speaking, please mute yourself.  Please use the “Raise Hand” button via Microsoft Teams or dial *9 via telephone to speak during community concerns.


2.       Commissioner Updates


a.   Safety Update


b.   Fire in 100 block of Madison Street NW


c.    DDOT Quarter 1 Traffic Safety Investigations and Pending Installations


d.   BZA Application for 245 Peabody Street NW


e.    Possible events:


                       i.    Defend Yourself

                      ii.    Hands on Hearts CPR Program


3.        Community Concerns:  This is the time for questions or statements from members of the public about areas of concern.  Please limit your statement or question to one minute. 


4.       Calendar:


a. March 2024 ANC 4B Monthly Meeting – March 25, 2024, at 7pm


b. Spring Community Clean-up – April 14, 2024, at 10am


5.       Adjournment


Next Single Member District 4B06 Meeting:  Monday, April 1, 2024, 7:00 p.m.


Constituent concerns can also be raised via the SMD website, or you can contact Commissioner Tiffani Nichole Johnson via email, at, or phone, at 202.271.3710.



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