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Meeting Notes from October ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting

Despite being Zoom bombed, we did have a good conversation with Frazier O'Leary, Ward 4 State Board of Education representative, regarding the Mayor's most recent announcement regarding distance learning, hybrid learning and in-person learning. For more information go to: for the full slide deck from yesterday's press conference.

Mr. O'Leary also discussed his ongoing book drive for our Ward 4 schools. Call him directly to arrange a pickup at 202.236.2184 or email

Census Update: Its not too late to complete the census. To complete the census go to: For more information about the census, go to:

Election 2020: By now you should have received your absentee ballot in the mail. To check the status of your ballot please go to:

The full list of the ballot box locations can be found here:

Covid-19 Update: For the most up-to-date data regarding the virus go to:

The Mayor has also updated the list of high-risks states which can be found here:

MPD Update from Captain Bryan Christian (Sector 2 - PSAs 405, 406 and 407): "PSA 406 falls in your area. Year to Date (Jan through Oct 5th) we have experienced a 14% decrease in overall crime.

We have increases in the following:

Robberies- usually a group of 2-4 juveniles (black males) have been targeting the Hispanic community. Many of these crimes have occurred between 4- 6 in the morning at bus stops in the area.

Stolen Autos- a drastic increase since the Citywide curfew. when the restaurants closed, people began to order delivery service more. the delivery drivers have been leaving their vehicles on with keys in the ignition while on deliveries. the thieves are jumping in the cars and driving away and committing other crimes in the area. (robberies and shootings)

*****Please advise your constituents to turn their cars off and take their keys out of their vehicles when visiting neighbors. if anything is needed please feel free to call 202 439 6326."

For the revised MPD 4th District Roster see below:

Pop-Ups and Pop-Backs/Zoning: I have had several residents reach out to me about the issue of pop-ups and pop-backs in our residential neighborhoods which are zoned as R-2. For more information about this type of zoning, go to: Many renovations are approved as a "matter or right". There are no specific requirements for preservation of existing roof-top elements and other related provisions that impact the size and location of a pop-up. Matter of right renovations are not subject to an approval process by the Board of Zoning.

The specific regulations regarding zoning in our area can be found here:

Nuisance Properties: I have been asked to testify before the Department of Regulatory Affairs regarding an alleged blighted property at 111 Rittenhouse Street NW. This is an investment property (bought out of foreclosure in 2018). The owner is challenging the decision of DCRA that it is a blighted property. If you have any issues or concerns with this property please contact me via my website at, call me at 202.271.3710 or via my ANC email at I am awaiting the exact date/time and call-in information from DCRA as the initial October 20th date has been changed.


Unfortunately the Mayor's Office could not attend and I never received a respond to my invitation to Councilmember Todd's office.

If you have specific questions, please contact me via my website at, call me at 202.271.3710 or via my ANC email at

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