• Tiffani Johnson

Mesothelioma and COVID-19

I received the below information from the Mesothelioma Justice Network regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic affects individuals with Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Justice Network is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for individuals diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.

Mesothelioma patients are an especially at-risk group for serious complications from COVID-19 due to similar symptoms and the weakened lungs and immune system caused by a respiratory illness.

It is our mission to raise awareness and reach those who may need our assistance. Would you help us in achieving our mission by including our resource - https://www.asbestos.net/mesothelioma-and-covid19/ - to this page here - https://www.commissionerjohnson4b06.com/post/sidewalk-extension-plan?.

Our pages are medically reviewed and verified by certified oncologists and hematologists, and provide the most current and detailed information about the asbestos industries health impacts and Covid-19's affect on mesothelioma victims.

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