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Metrobus to operate on severe snow service plan this evening, moderate snow service plan tomorrow

Due to deteriorating road conditions from the ongoing ice storm, Metrobus will transition from a moderate snow service plan to a severe snow service plan at 6 p.m. today. Service will be limited to major roads only and travel is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Buses on lines that do not operate under a severe service plan that are already in service before 6 p.m. will continue operating to the end of the line before going out of service. Customers traveling when severe snow service is in place should be aware Metrobus may have to suspend all service if road and weather conditions worsen and travel becomes unsafe. Tomorrow, February 14, Metrobus will begin the day operating on a moderate snow service plan. Metrorail is expected to continue operating on a regular weekend schedule with scheduled closures of Addison Road, Arlington Cemetery, Franconia-Springfield, and Van Dorn Street stations. De-icer trains are deployed throughout the system and heaters are being utilized to prevent ice buildup on third rails. For more information, click here to view full news release:

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