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Metrorail service changes to begin Monday as part of revised budget due to Covid-19; Metrobus change

Beginning Monday, February 15, Metrorail service changes will take effect to normalize weekday rail service throughout the day. During peak and off-peak hours, trains will operate at the same service frequencies through the evening rush hour. The changes will improve service consistency throughout the day to better match customers’ travel patterns during the pandemic.

Under the revised FY2021 budget approved by Metro’s Board of Directors in November, service will operate every 12 minutes on the Blue, Orange, Silver, Green and Yellow lines effective Monday, resulting in service every 4-6 minutes at stations served by multiple lines. Normal weekday service on the Red Line will operate every 6 minutes but will be adjusted to 12-minutes for the Presidents Day holiday only. Service after 7 p.m. remains unchanged.

For more information, view news release:

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