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Motorcycles and ATVs in Fort Slocum Park

Please remember that although motorcycles and ATVs are legal to own, they cannot be drive recklessly and in Fort Slocum Park or the adjacent triable parks. I have received reports that these vehicles are “…tearing up the park and creating…noise pollution and…exhaust... they were menacing towards anyone else trying to use the park”. There is a right and wrong way to enjoy these vehicles.

In addition, while I appreciate that some residents are using logs to block the path of the bikes, but that can equally be dangerous to the rider if they cannot brake or maneuver around the logs in a timely manner without causing injury to self or damage to their property. I have asked that NPS place signage around the park informing residents that riding motorcycles/ATVs on park land is prohibited. I also asked, as a last resort if park police can patrol the area as a deterrent to this behavior.

I want to keep the park clean and safe for everyone, and the animals that reside there who must also be scared by the noise.

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