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MPD Warns of PEPCO Scams in Washington, D.C.

(Washington, DC) – The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) would like to warn the public about potentially fraudulent activity in the District of Columbia related to PEPCO.

A call to a business or residence from a person stating, “Your PEPCO bill is overdue and unless you provide funds within the next hour your service will be shut off.” This is an attempt to gain money from you that will not be applied to your PEPCO account. In most cases, these funds are not recoverable and you will still owe PEPCO.

The Department takes matters such as this seriously and will hold such offenders accountable for their actions.

If you have been a victim or have knowledge of a suspected PEPCO fraud or scams in Washington, D.C., please contact the Metropolitan Police Department Financial and Cyber Crimes Unit at 202-727-4159 or

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