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Need to Reschedule a Vaccine #2 Appointment? Still haven't signed up for the vaccine?

Roads, sidewalks and front steps are covered in ice and more freezing rain is coming down as I write this at 8am Friday. Please stay inside safe and warm! If you and all your relatives and friends have already been fully vaccinated you can ignore the rest of this message. East Rock Creek Village is working to help seniors in our service area get vaccinated.

DCHeath Vaccination Centers will be open today (and were open yesterday) but do consider the walking and driving conditions before keeping an appointment. If you have a vaccine appointment with a hospital or health care related site such as Howard Hospital, Medstar, or Sibley/Johns Hopkins you may be receiving calls or emails about rescheduling -- most of those sites were closed yesterday. Those sites are giving the Pfizer vaccine so the second shot is scheduled 21 days after the first. The information below is only for DCHealth Vaccination Centers giving Moderna vaccine.

If you have a vaccine #1 appointment at a DCHealth site today or missed one yesterday or just never signed up to get the vaccine, you can schedule a NEW vaccine appointment today, Friday February 19th at 6pm. This is a new time for DCHealth appointment availability -- next week the time will return to 9am Friday. (Those living in priority zipcodes which include 20011 can schedule appointments on Thursdays -- next week at 9am, the following week at 6pm). To schedule a first vaccine appointment today online go to shortly before 6pm and click the vaccination appointment button when it turns from gray to blue (Proceed to Questionnaire) at 6pm. Or those without a computer can call 1-855-363-0333 promptly at 6pm. Online appointment slots are taken in about 10 minutes but the phone line may stay open longer to serve those on hold since 6pm. You will be able to get appointment for next week and appointments for tomorrow and Sunday may also be available.

ERCV Vaccine Volunteers are available to assist seniors in zipcode 20012 and the northern part of 20011 with making vaccine appointments online but this must be arranged ahead of time. If interested email ERCV at giving name, address, and phone number. You can also call 202-656-7322 from 8am to 8pm any day -- be sure to leave a message. We can make several appointments today but need to get your information ASAP.

If you have a shot #2 appointment at a DCHealth site run by Safeway today or missed one yesterday, you can reschedule it! Find the COVID Shot 2 Confirmation email you received from Albertson's Patient Services on your phone or computer. Go to the bottom of the message and click the Blue button saying Scheduling Control or Scheduling Options. You will have to choose a date of 1st vaccine four weeks before the date you want to get shot #2. If you want to go on Sunday February 21, say your first shot was January 23rd .If original shot #2 appointment was at 324 Kennedy St NW (Hattie Holmes), the rescheduled appointment will be at 20 Tuckerman St NE (Lamond Recreation Center). It is perfectly OK to get Moderna shot #2 up to day 31 after shot #1 and CDC has recently said you can delay even longer. ERCV can walk you through this process -- email giving your phone number and the best time to reach you.

If your vaccine #2 appointment is with a Giant connected vaccine center such as Turkey Run Rec Center or Kenilworth Rec Center, I have no advice on rescheduling. All DCHealth vaccination centers will be open today. You may be also able to go to the site another day when walking and driving is safe and get your second shot. DCHealth centers are generally open from 9am until 6:45pm.

More and more members and friends of East Rock Creek Village are getting the vaccine. It brings a sense of relief in this anxious time. Let us know how we can assist you. Email or call 202-656-7322 between 8am and 8pm any day.

Best Wishes,

Susan Davis

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