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Neighborhood Watch Training

If you are interested in learning ways to prevent becoming a crime victim, please sign up for the Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Training which will be led by me, Samantha Nolan (Citywide Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention Trainer) and held on the following three dates: Wednesday, August 17, Tuesday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 21, 2022 on Zoom. The training will begin at 7:00 pm, so please sign on at least by 6:55. The Webinar room will be open as of 6:45, so we can check everyone in and can start on time. Only individuals who have signed up for the training may participate. There will be no personal video or audio for participants during the training, but you may write questions in the Q & A or chat box. Many of your questions may be answered as we go along. If not, I will address them at the end of each session. The Webinar link will be sent to you closer to the date of the training when you register. To register, please see instructions below. Space will be limited.

The training is in two parts. The first section is on Preventing Crimes of Opportunity which make up about 80% of all crimes in DC. I will present pictures of behaviors that lead to these crimes so you will learn what not to do. Included in this talk are prevention of Burglaries, Thefts, Robberies, Theft from Autos and other types of crime. I also will show suggestions for remedies to help prevent these crimes. The second section will be on starting a Neighborhood Watch (NW) program on your block or on your floor. You can then share these suggestions with your neighbors and help them prevent becoming crime victims.

After the training, I will send each training participant copies of all the documents shown during the training that you will need to start your NW Program on your block or on your floor. You will have my email address and can ask questions about how to use the documents if it was unclear during the training.

My goal is to teach all residents of the city ways to decrease their likelihood of becoming a crime victim while creating a community of neighbors on each block or in each apartment/condo/dorm building that can work together to fight crime in our city.

If you would like to take the training, please email me at with your full name, email address you would like to use for the training, and whether you live in a single family home, townhouse/rowhouse, apartment, condo, co-op, dorm or other type of housing. Mention either August 17, September 13 or September 21 in your email and also tell in which neighborhood you live. Post training documents will be sent based on the type of housing in which you live.

Thank you for helping to drive crime down in DC.

Samantha Nolan

Citywide Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Trainer

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